Blue Balloon specializes in funny, fully interactive and highly memorable puppet shows for birthday parties. Our puppet shows have been a favorite for kid’s birthday parties throughout the New York metro area for over a decade.  All of our puppet show performances include our wacky, lovable cast of funny animal puppets that we’ve found are highly engaging for children. 

In addition to our many puppets, our puppet shows also include magic tricks, hilarious props, age-appropriate educational content, background music and silly sound effects. 

Our puppet shows make an outstanding impression on party guests and we regularly hear from our families that the show was the highlight of their party.

Blue Balloon Parties offer several different types of puppet stories for you to choose from and we can customize and tailor our shows to your audience. Each of our shows is interactive and will make your birthday child feel special on their big day. 

Pick from our puppet story themes!

Shows to make your birthday child feel special! All shows are fun and interactive shows!

What are puppet stories?

Puppet stories are exactly what they sound like: Stories that utilize puppets to bring the characters, twist turns and fun to life! Each of our puppet stories has a fun theme and are interactive. We include the audience in the story. Our puppet stories are fun for children and adults! Participation is encouraged! 

Blue Balloon currently offers three puppet story options:

Puppet Story #1 The Three Little Pigs: 

Mr. Chris’ puppet friend wants to put on a show but, unfortunately, none of the actors showed up! 

He needs your child and their friends help!  to act out and tell the story of the Three Little Pigs, where the Big Bad Wolf gives the pigs a run for their money! This show helps teach children the importance of putting our differences aside and working together. This show features Muppet-style hand puppets, interactive fun and TEAMWORK!

Puppet Story #2 The Lion and the Mouse: 

Adapted from one of the classic Aesop’s Fables, this beloved story features a bold, brash lion and a little field mouse, that teaches the lion an important lesson; no matter how big or how small, or how short or how tall we are everybody is capable of great things.  

The audience learns that friends come in all shapes and sizes and that is what makes friendship special! This production features hand puppets, marionettes and tabletop puppets.

Puppet Story #1 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Mr. Chris tells this classic story in a new, fun and interactive way. The classic story of Goldilocks; a story about a little girl who was a bit too curious about somebody else’s house. Using the magic of toy theater! Mr. Chris our resident Puppeteer shows the audience that we are all puppeteers! By showing how Puppeteering is present in play – even if you don’t recognize it.

Following the show there will be a puppet making workshop and some puppeteer training from Mr. Chris featuring group puppet sing-a-longs!

Call us today to discuss what kind of puppet show and story would work best and be most entertaining for your party!

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